I love the clarifying toner!   I spray it on my face in the morning after showering. The smell is uplifting and calming at the same time. It's like bringing the spa to your home. A little TLC with Believe Organics. "


Enjoyed a phenomenal, rejuvenating soak with the Detox Bath... My skin felt so light + refreshed, and the subtle scent of jasmine filled my bathroom with a lovely, relaxing aroma!


After becoming pregnant , I was searching for a product to help with my acne issues as well as my new hormonal breakouts. After a disappointing appointment at the dermatologist, in which the doctor said he couldn't prescribe anything because I was pregnant I tried the cleansing caviar. I fell in love!!! I saw the results within a month, less breakouts! I continued using the cleansing caviar while I was breastfeeding (again dr.'s couldn't prescribe anything) and it was working better than ever. After almost 2 months my skin is back to where it once was.... clear! 


Your Everything Guide to Fixing Your Skin with Face Oils - Stylecaster.com

Facial Elixir

Amazingly, jojoba oil closely resembles human sebum, which means it has the unique ability to penetrate deep into your skin—more so than other plant-based oils. It also helps kill germs; contains vitamins A, D, and E; and creates a protective barrier for locking in moisture. "Jojoba is a liquid wax that is most like your own natural oils—Thats why it is such a great oil for your skin ," explained Believe Organics founders, Valerie  and Lawrence. 

Read more: http://stylecaster.com/beauty/best-face-oils/#ixzz4Hn8ImMzF


cuticle oil…so effective, you can feel & see a difference in the health of your cuticles and nails, the 3 steps promotes skin clarity and radiance

-irma https://www.irmasworld.com/beauty-quality-time-408933

My son had very bad acne all over his face, chest and back. I recommend cleansing caviar to everyone. It really works! In a little over 2 weeks my sons’ very bad acne was gone. His self confidence came back! I also use it for myself along with the moisturizer and my face is clear, even toned and soft.


The ultimate organic pedicure.

At Hortūs nail works, NYC, we suggest asking for The Works by Believe Organics’ to treat feet gently and effectively. 

-vogue http://www.vogue.com/1067599/lushlife-nailworks-manicure-pedicure/

absolutely in love with my .. dry oil & facial toner- My skin has never been softer! These all natural skincare products smell great, are totally organic, and 100% vegan


It’s amazing to finally find a high quality vegan & organic skincare line that is sustainable and cleans my skin well. It’s like vegan soup for the botanical soul


Love your products. They are the real deal. Its so hard to find natural products without hidden ingredients. You have my support!


One of my new favorite organic skincare lines… earthy & simple lip balm goes on smooth + it lasts! salt & sugar scrub… smells AMAZING … exfoliates so well without leaving the skin feeling greasy - it feels fresh & clean


The dry oil makes my hands so smooth. I am in love! All ingredients from this beautiful earth…


Believe Organics Facial Elixir. It really makes your skin feel absolutely radiant! Not only do I love it, but my Hubby loves it too! I can't wait to try all the other products!


I'm in love!!! Using the (cleansing caviar) face wash daily. It took a little trial and error but damn it is so great and my skin looks amazing! Thank you for such  an amazing product!