facial skincare set

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Skincare set
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3 Giant Stepsparty bkgrd .jpg
Skincare set
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facial skincare set

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Cleansing caviar, clarifying toner, & facial elixir are all you need for clear, radiant skin. Feel the organic vegan difference with a gentle non-sudsing cleanser, a clarifying toner, followed by a nutritious moisturizer specifically crafted for your face

Step 1 - cleansing caviar 1 oz daily facial cleanser for super soft skin. A pure and natural alternative in skin care and acne prevention. Detoxifying, non-sudsing clay based formula which provides gentle cleansing and light exfoliation with acne busting power. Cleansing caviar is simple, pure, and delightfully effective. For a weekly organic facial, allow yourself a few minutes to feel the tingling of a deeper detox prior to rinsing to help the true YOU emerge. This formula is hand ground fresh for you

Step 2 - clarifying toner 2 oz with fingertip mister to balance and condition your complexion. Toner may be applied anytime, anywhere to feel refreshed but is especially beneficial to your face after the use of cleansing caviar or detox bath. Clarify skin and tighten pores

Step 3 - facial elixir .5 oz with dropper top full of nutritious oils specifically blended for your face. Nourishing, balancing, and quickly absorbed. Delicately scented with floral and refreshing citrus notes

New! 3 Giant Steps Skincare Set

2 oz cleansing caviar 4.2 oz clarifying toner 1oz facial elixir


The set arrives packaged in cobalt blue glass bottles nestled in a reusable linen pouch

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This set has received positive reviews for its gentle effectiveness, ability to multi-task and provide relief from acne and blackheads

Step 1 - Directions - Pour caviar into the center of your palm equaling about the size of a quarter. Make a paste with a few drops of warm water. Apply to damp face in small circles avoiding the eye area. Rinse with warm water and gently pat dry

Step 2 - Directions - Shake prior to misting on clean hands or face. While skin is still glistening, apply moisturizer for maximal benefit

Step 3 - Directions - Gently roll the bottle prior to dispensing desired amount on clean hands. Apply to your face immediately after toner or on damp skin

love & other ingredients:

Step 1 - kaolin clay, *oats, golden *flax, *lavender flowers, *rose petals, essential oils of *lavender & rose absolute

Step 2 - aqua, aloe, glycerin, *witch hazel extract, citric acid, grapefruit seed extract, *rose hydrosol, essential oils of *tea tree, *thyme, & *lavender

Step 3 - *rose hip seed oil, *jojoba, *hazelnut oil, essential oils of *neroli, *lavender, & *geranium rose

*certified organic

Enjoy the power of plants!