believe organics was founded by Valerie with the support of her husband Lawrence.

“Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.” -Soren Kierkergaard

So how’d I get to this place of creation? Looking back I’ve been headed here my whole life. In grade school, I picked wild berries for potions in my backyard. In middle school, I gathered herbs & flowers while wandering the wilds of our farm in upstate NY. It wasn’t so long ago but back then most things were organic. I remember there was even a huge wooden sign at the bottom of the hill proclaiming “this is God’s country!”.

I've always loved the amazing synergy of nature and how it relates to health. So it just made sense when it came to a field of practice, I chose to nurture. Nursing is caring for patients, families, and ourselves. It’s also about caring for humanity, every living creature and our future on earth.  

There's an ebb & flow to life, a natural balance that I believe we all innately seek. Our bodies, like nature, strive to be balanced, but sometimes we need a little help. My passion is in health & wellness. We harness the healing power of plants by blending their butters, extracts, & essential oils into our creations. As an aromatherapist, knowing that you’re happier, healthier or simply more relaxed because of a product I have made is the greatest compliment. I go to great lengths to ensure that everything I make is good for you, good for your family & good for the earth.

Thanks for stopping by.

- Valerie Anastasia

There’s a billion stories out there and this one’s mine.

I’m currently in the middle of my favorite chapter. But first, a bit about how I got here. In 2004, my sister passed away. It was tragic. She was young, vibrant, and the doctors were unsure why her health was deteriorating. Nothing they tried worked and her death was a long, slow, painful process that rocked our family to the core. It made us question and reevaluate our preconceptions of a “healthy” lifestyle. I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes terrible things happen in order to make us stop and think.

For me, the death of my sister was that moment in my life when I began to reevaluate and change my thinking. I immersed myself in books, documentaries and websites and along with my wife, we furthered our education about holistic healthy living. Believe organics grew out of the simple  desire to make our family healthier and make sense of a senseless loss. Friends and family liked what we were doing and slowly, as the word spread, we were spending more and more time keeping up with the demand. We realized there are many other people out there just like us, who also crave simple, pure,  organic cruelty-free vegan products. Believe organics began with the health and well being of our family in mind and as we have grown, we also keep your family in mind. This is my way of honoring my sister’s memory and making something beautiful out of tragedy.

If you believe that organic, cruelty free, nontoxic self care is the beginning of caring for our families, our community and our planet, then we have some products created especially for you. Our intentions are pure and so are our products.

- Lawrence Tiberius